“We love helping build stronger connections between fans and artists by enabling fans to influence where their favorite performers tour,” said Eventful’s CEO Jordan Glazier. “We’re excited to help Tynisha Keli give her devoted fans the power to shape her tour.”


Along with MySpace, YouTube and iTunes, Eventful is quickly becoming an essential part of the online marketing toolkit for performers and artists. Eventful is transforming the way that tours get routed by empowering fans to influence the tours of their favorite performers and by enabling performers to make the best decisions about where to tour.


Fans can log on to eventful.com/tynishakeli, and myspace.com/tynishakeli to join the competition and Demand a performance from Tynisha Keli.


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About Tynisha Keli


Just a girl who came from nothing trying to make her way. Tynisha Keli comes from a very poverty stricken home and struggled most of her life... “I caught a break when i was 14 just to come to LA and struggle in a different way... i was now in another world at 14 but with no family or friends...Even though it was rough I found a way to make it work cause I had never wanted something so bad! “Tynisha signed to MCA Records (age 15) in a girls group. “From the beginning i knew it wasn't for me. As time went on I wanted to branch out and try it on my own. So I signed to a production company then signed to Warner Brothers Records and began recording the solo album. Something just wasn't fittin' I wasn't content with what we had. I grew up a little more, started to change mentally, physically and spiritually so decided to change the route of the album. I released the production company and started to work with different producers that i thought fit the criteria of what i was searching for. Producers such as Brian Michael Cox, Justice League, Tha Corna Boyz, Robin Thicke, Co-Stars and so many more... Now that i'm almost there, so close i swear i can taste it, I realize that in the end your dreams do come true if you don't give up on them no matter how hard it gets.”  

“Some things are worth sacrificing all that you have!”

– Tynisha Keli