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Are you ready for a melodic songstress whose music embodies the ingredients that inspires the heart and moves the soul?

If so let me introduce you to Amore' Rayne.  Amore' is as captivating as her name.  She is a native of Charleston  South Carolina.  Much like her aunt Brenda Halloway who belted out hits like "Every little bit hurts" while signed to Motown Records,  Rayne takes no prisoners when it comes to her singing and writing gift.

Though Amore' is a strong, eager, self efficient woman, not to mention talented and humble, her life has not always been easy.  She has traveled down her share of painful and abusive roads.  Not by choice, but by circumstances.   

Through her music you can feel her pain as well as her joy. She wants her music to reach the world so that she can give life to those who are hurt and broken.  She wants to give hope to those who have shattered dreams!  " I want to empower that woman or man that is in that abusive relationship, be it sexual, physical, mental or emotional, to  love themselves enough to make better decisions" she declares. 

She wants to show them  that they can make it,  if she did they can!  Through her music she tells her life's story!  She is an innovative song writer, and an angelic performer.  Her self written debut album titled "Journey" is just that; a journey of her life. By the  end of each song you will feel empowered and inspired!

Not only does she inspire you, her music is fun and exciting.  It's like a breath of fresh air!  "my life" is Amore's first single off of the album. 

It is a song that speaks to your heart. It is a song of encouragement and empowerment.  "my life" teaches you that you are not alone.

Through all of life's trials someone was always there for you.  it shows you how to appreciate those around you.  

I present to you Amore' Rayne

Amore' is a natural song bird!  Close your eyes, listen to the words of her songs. You  will clearly experience Amore's  journey along with her.  Amore' is pursuing a dream that  is destined to change the world.

IG and Lil DP

This dynamic duo started in 2002 and has taken Mississippi by storm.

IG and Lil DP both born and raised in Laurel, Mississippi have blasted their way to regional stardom with their hit-singles "Tippi Toe" and "Tip Witcha Boi". This dynamic duo started in 2002 and has taken Mississippi by storm.
The songs have been an instant hit in the clubs and on the radio.
This unique duo has excelled pass most local artists, and gained recognition through their performances and unique southern hip-hop style.  

IG and Lil DP have constructed a new blue print for the southern music scene. They have redesigned rap to a more universal type of format, attracting fans of all ages. Being musically creative, both IG and Lil DP do all of their writing, arranging, engineering and lyric productions in their own private studio. IG and Lil DP are solely history in the making in the era of hip-hop.   For more information on this group see:http://www.eternityrecordscompany.com/index.html  www.myspace.com/YoungDumb

RMP Magazine August - September 2007 Pg3.