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Crime Fam's big break came with winning the Music Powers contest.

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Ya Boi Ju

Ya Boi Ju aka Dj Sik Sense is the CEO of GRIND IT OUT RECORDS. 

The rapper/ PRODUCER came up making mixtapes with his Brother King Katas (Currently Incarcerated) & his homeboys (Teflon Don, ACE & T.B) The Crime Fam. 

The most notible being Tha TakeOver MixTape Featuring the hit single 'BUFFIE BOOTY' with Teflon Don. Ju was born in Boston Mass. in a rough neighborhood called Mattapan aka 'Murdahpan'.  

The product of a single parent household, his father was killed when he was 7 in the building right next to his family's apartment.

After a few months of moving around and hiding from the killer, his mother packed him and his brother up, and moved to Decatur, Georgia.

They lived in Decatur until he was 14, then moved to Lithonia, and he's been representing the L-Town ever since.

Ya Boi Ju - Teflon Don

His Basketball Dreams were cut short when he was shot at the ATRIUM on Memorial Drive. He was hit 3 times at close range with a 9mm.

That set back his dreams of playing at GA Tech. But, during rehabilitation, Ju figured he would use his mind and skills on the mic instead of just using his physical abilities to make a living. .

The future plans are to start their own record label "Grind it Out" records.


TEFLON DON - Born Marcus DeWayne Young, in Birmingham Alabama on July 24, 1985. His parents moved to Norcross, Georgia when he was six weeks old.

He has one brother, who is serving his country in Iraq, and 2 sisters, one of who is deceased. Teflon aspires to own his own restaurant named after his deceased sister Cerina because he loves to cook.

Teflon, his mom and brother moved to Lithonia, Georgia where he met Rob, Jamal and Reggie, the original members of the A-N-V (Armed-N-Vicious). In 2001 Teflon met Young Ju/DJ SIK SENSE, he has his group the felony Crime Fam, which he is now a member.  The future plans are to start their own record label "Grind it Out" records.

RMP Magazine August - September 2007 Pg1.