Jane 3

“Los Angeles trio, Jane 3, arrived onto the music scene in 2006. With a distinctive all-girl sound, the girls pop as they belt out a soulful repertoire with an R&B/pop twist.

Cousins, Jerika Scott, 19, and Earanequa Carter, 17 – who hail from a family line of singers and performers – have been singing and dancing for the past 8 years. Friend, Tristin Mays, 18 – also from entertainment blood – came to Jane 3 with some Broadway experience (The Lion King) and a few TV roles (The Cosby Show and Nickelodeon’s Gullah, Gullah Island.)

The group’s debut album mixes soulful harmonies with energetic beats to create a fresh urban sound with a strong mainstream appeal. Jane 3 explodes with fun, hard hitting tracks with producers such as T-Pain and Rufus Blaq lending their signature sounds to the young girls’ debut effort. The first single, the T-Pain produced “Screensaver” teases listeners with a slow entry that evolves into a high energy beat. The song captures the phenomenon of text and picture messaging that has taken over today’s teen culture.

From the early days when they were known as Jane Doe, the girls’ lyrics have always focused on the value of self-esteem for young women, as well as expressing the feelings and growing pains that most teenagers can relate to. Jane 3 blends the unique groove and styles of each of its members into one dynamic unit.

Jerika, a New Jersey native currently living in LA, is the quiet storm of the group. She claims to be a geeky nerd with interest in art, literature and psychology. The moment she hits the stage, her laid back persona is replaced by a super lively singer and dancer who can also transition into the most unexpected raps.

Earanequa, the self proclaimed silly one of the group, spent a few years in the UK before settling in her native LA. Her alter ego takes over on stage: when it’s time to sing and dance. She becomes the sexy, airy-voiced performer that knocks the boys out of their seats.

Tristin, from New Orleans via New York, is the crunk, crazy member of the group. She carries the deeper, more powerful notes and leaves everyone stunned when her girly image is overshadowed by an eruption of energy.

Having to choose between singing and dancing the girls of Jane 3 decided to go with both! Each one displaying their own flavor, these three young women are well rounded entertainers. Jane 3 has something to offer to everybody. It’s a new, different, fresh and vibrant style delivered with a female vigor that will push them right to the top.


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