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School Student Loans & Education – part 2
RMP Question 408
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I have $60,000 in school loans and I would have to take out another $40,000 for the bachelors.  Should I invest another $40,000 for school, or should i just come back to Atlanta and just get connected with people in the business?

·          We put your question out to Grammy-Nominated Producer/Engineer Jason “J-Vibe” Farmer, who Produced the new hit song “Heaven Sent” by Keyshia Cole, and this is what he had to say:


Education to me is very important.  But, at the same time…you have to go out and get your career started! You’re already $60,000 in debt now… so do you want to go out and spend more… to be that much more in debt?  Or, do you want to get your career started?


If you stay in the program, will it start your career?  What is it going to do for your actual career itself?  If you have options, take the options.  If you’re young, why not?



“…Jump into the water and get it going!”


--JASON A. FARMER a.k.a – “J-Vibe”

Grammy Nominated Producer, Engineer, Musician and Writer

Current projects: Keyshia Cole, Pussycat Dolls, Fantasia, and ’07 American idol finalist, LaTisha Jones



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