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"When should a producer hire a manager or attorney?"


From Grammy-nominated, Award-winning Producer
Ricciano "Ricco" Lumpkins

First and foremost, when you feel confident in your material to be placed. You have to be careful on the selection of your management team though. If the management is not really "tied in" to the industry, you may be "digging a hole" for yourself.

So, if the management has enough connections to utilize their associations, and can execute enough to actually get songs placed on projects... then having management makes sense.

Always get a manager that knows more than you do. You can't just hire your "homeboy". If your manager doesn't know anyone, then that might hurt you more than help you. I suggest that a producer hire a management team, before hiring an individual for management. It all just has to "make sense" to you, and your particular situation. [ http://www.musicpowers.com/pm.html ]

As far as hiring an attorney, I'd say, "Get an attorney right out the gate".
[ http://musicpowers.com/lawyers.html ]

From the time you get or need that very first agreement or contracts, you need to have an entertainment attorney working with you. As a producer, you don't know everything, and you don't know all of the legal issues, so you need an attorney early on. The attorney is the one that's going to help you make your money with whatever is written into the contracts, so I suggest hiring a good entertainment attorney very early in the game.
-- Ricciano Lumpkins (myspace.com/dasoundscan)

In the past 15 years, Ricco has produced and/or engineered projects for TLC, Boyz II Men, Sammie, Blaque, Master P, 3LW, Outkast, Ciara, 112 (P. Diddy), Bobby Brown, George Clinton, Dave Hollister, Jon B., Rodney Jerkins, Lauryn Hill, Dallas Austin, Akon, Ludacris, TI's-Govenor, Mya, Kelley Price, Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, Monica, Public Enemy, Slick Rick, Jazze Pha, Darlene McCoy, Goodie M.O.B, Lil Zane, Lloyd, Chilli (solo album), Young G, Curtis Mayfied, Faith Evans, Mc Breed, Harlem World (Ma$e), Creflo Dolla's Canton Jones, KRS One f/ P. Diddy, Dazz Band, SWV, Crystal Waters, Mariah Carey's Trey Lorenz, and President Barack Obama.

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