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Supa Nova is a hip hop artist with a movement: Unify the Hood, Heal the Hood --the title of his forthcoming debut release. The first single off the album is "G's Up Salute" featuring The Game and Jadakiss.

Coming fresh out of Brooklyn,
Supa Nova's album has already started to gain traction, as has his call for social healing: after spending his teenage years running with gangs, Supa Nova had a wake-up call.

Before long, he found a better way of life and started taking it to the streets. His DVD/CD combo release,
Holistic Wellness for A Hip Hop Generation has sold over 100,000 copies and continues to fly off the shelves. BET.com has noted it as "a documentary that is going to teach self-improvement to the hip hop generation."

Supa Nova has already proven that he has the mind of a CEO and the heart of a healer. With his debut album, he's bringing his skills as an MC front and center. Unify the Hood, Heal the Hood showcases a cast of hip hop's elite--on top of Jadakiss and The Game, Supa Nova is joining forces with Ice-T, Dead Prez, Erykah Badu, and others.

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"G's Up Salute" by Supa Nova Slom feat. The Game and Jadakiss