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Trudy Ann (TruDiva)

Singer/Songwriter Trudy Ann - Best New Talent of 2010

TruDiva Trudy Ann

  Born and raised in Jamaica, 20-year-old beauty, Trudy Ann (TruDiva) began her journey and dream of becoming a singer at the early age of 4.  Now, Trudy Ann is gearing up to share her incredible voice and gift with the rest of the world.

   Described as a cross between Rihanna, Keri Hilson and Coko from SWV, Trudy is passionate about her God-given talents. Growing up in the church, and watching her mother direct the local choir gave her a preparation and training ground that developed her natural singing ability. "I would watch, listen and learn from being at all of the choir rehearsals for church" she says, and adds, “Watching my mother direct the choir taught me a lot about singing”.

   Trudy is an exceptional live entertainer with attention-grabbing vocals, and has performed at Concerts in both Saint Elizabeth and Rocky Point, Jamaica. And as a songwriter, Trudy has a remarkable ability to pen songs almost instantaneously. In fact, veteran industry producers have watched in almost disbelief when she writes hit melodies and lyrics on the fly. Currently she is busy writing songs and working in the recording studio with tracks from a “who’s-who” of Award-winning, Multi-Platinum Music Producers, including Chuckey Charles, Jerry Flowers, Chris Bell, Cirocco, VIP Productions (Reeves Bros), Reezington and Ricciano Lumpkins, and will soon be making her debut release through Oceanic Tradewinds Music.


Trudy Ann was also recently voted Musicpowers.com Artist/Talent of the month 2010 – and past winners have gone on to industry gigs on MTV, Fox TV, and more.


TruDiva Trudy Ann