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Interscope Records/Collipark Music
Myspace: myspace.com/thevistosobosses

"These girls are a breath of fresh air for the music industry.
They’re positive, bright, and just all-around creative.”
- Mr. Collipark, CEO of Collipark Music

“Blood couldn’t make us any closer,” replies Taylor Parker, one-half of the eccentric teenage music duo known as Vistoso Bosses. She refers to her counterpart, Kelci Ferguson, who eagerly chimes in excitedly about “growing up together” in their hometown of Atlanta, GA, where the group still resides. Their teen chatter is a mixture of high-pitched giggling and smiles as they reflect on the past year that led to a chance meeting with super-producer Mr. Collipark, CEO of Collipark Music.

Vistoso Bosses, comprised of Taylah.P and Kelci, is a high-energy girl group with infectious lyrics and sweet moves to match. “Our music is unique and eclectic, mixed with a little hip-hop,” explains rapper Kelci. Taylah.P, who sings vocals, further expands upon the group’s sound. “We have a new sound. We’re influenced by everyday teen stuff – school, boys, and having fun.” Both are careful to explain that Vistoso Bosses is a strong concoction of music and image. Their witty personalities accompanied by a multihued fashion sense, makes them an easy eye catcher to tweens and teens alike. Vistoso, defined as bright or colorful in the Spanish language, is the perfect adjective for the brilliant twosome. “Anybody can be vistoso,” says Kelci, “We’re all about having our own style.” Taylah. P excitedly agrees, “Most people think we’re all about not matching, but it’s about being yourself. We like being colorful. We wear what we feel.”

Kelci is quick to expand upon her state of bliss as the group celebrates being label-mates with Soulja Boy, Collipark Music’s most successful artist to date. “It feels great to be on one of the hottest record labels out.” Michael “Mr. Collipark” Crooms was introduced to the group by means of the Internet’s social networking magic. The girls’ homemade videos to their popular debut songs “Delirious” and “Boy Crazy” were instant faves on YouTube and Myspace. “[Delirious] is a happy song,” says Taylah who details how the track came about. “We wrote the song along with St. James, a very talented producer.” The group has since received the Myspace Artist of the Week accolade due to an overwhelming response from almost one-half million online fans. Mr. Collipark is enthusiastic about the debut of the self-proclaimed Bosses. “These girls are a breath of fresh air for the music industry. They’re positive, bright, and just all around creative,” describes the industry veteran responsible for the recent record-breaking success of Soulja Boy reaching the highest number of digital downloads ever in the history of music.

His assessment of the two as a teen girl-power group makes room for the pair to be artistically free of today’s misogynistic driven culture. “We want to be viewed as role models,” Taylah wholeheartedly explains. “We want to be an inspiration and positive light for girls of all ages.” Their melodious vocals and lovable look make this goal easy to achieve. “Don’t be afraid to be yourself,” both girls advise, “Being different is being cool.”


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